Like many websites, uses automatic data collection tools, such as cookies, embedded web links, and web beacons. These tools collect certain standard information that your browser sends to us (e.g., Internet Protocol (IP) address, MAC address, clickstream behavior, and telemetry).

These tools help make your visit to our website easier, more efficient, and personalized. We also use the information to improve our website and provide greater service and value.

We partner with third parties to display advertising on our website and to manage our advertising on other sites. Our third-party partners may use cookies or similar technologies in order to provide you with advertising based on your browsing activities and interests. You may opt out of this advertising; however, generic, non-personalized ads will continue to be displayed.

What type of cookies we use

Cookies can either be session or persistent cookies. A session cookie expires automatically when you close your browser. A persistent cookie will remain until it expires (as set in the cookie itself) or you delete it.

Our cookies can be classified as follows:

  • Essential. To make our website function correctly, they enable you to move around our website and use their features. These cookies do not identify you as an individual.
  • Analytics. To understand how visitors interact by providing information about the areas visited, the time spent and any issues encountered, such as error messages. These cookies do not identify you as an individual.
  • Preference. To allow us to remember the choices you make to provide a more personalized online experience. These cookies may include personally identifiable data that you have disclosed.
  • Ad targeting. To deliver content that is more relevant to you and your interests. They may be used to deliver targeted advertising or to limit the number of times you see an advertisement.

Most types of these cookies track you via your IP address so may collect some personally identifiable data.

Third-party cookies on our site

We may employ third-party companies and individuals on our websites, for instance, analytics providers (including but not limited to Google) and content partners. We grant these third parties access to selected information to perform specific tasks on our behalf. They may also set third-party cookies in order to deliver the services they are providing. Third-party cookies can be used to track you on other websites that use the same third-party service.